Cheap Bulk SMS Marketing Provider Jaipur– A Good Marketing Tool for Business Promotion

Addressing your customer personally with a mail, email or SMS is a good marketing strategy but the question that is asked is how to do it in a large scale. The answer is there now. It is bulk SMS. The technology is already there to address more than 1000 cell phones at one instance.
The most important aspect from a company point of view these days of economic down turn the costs, are minimal. Not even 1% of what you spend on a TV commercial but the effect is very much more than that of a TV advertisement.
To set about the task of sending bulk SMS is a very simple one. You need only a computer with an internet connection. The soft ware program you can buy along with the Bulk SMS Gateway facilities from the same company. Installation and the operation of the software are simple. Anyone who has little knowledge of computers could use it.
Next thing you need is the list of your customers’ telephone numbers on an excel sheet. Using the software, you have the possibility to send a message to all those telephone numbers with just a few clicks and all of them will receive the message within in a minute most probably.
To send bulk SMS you have the possibility to register with a company and use their online facility too. This is a still easier technique. This way you can contact a global audience. Since they have agreements with various service providers all over the world, you can access all those networks. These days it has become normal for any company to go global because internet could make you a global company overnight.
Bulk SMS Services Jaipur with one step forward with automation, could do a lot for a company to enhance its image in the minds of its customers if used effectively. The interesting thing here is it is very cheap compared to the other modes such as radio and TV ads. Email is a good medium but you mail most often will go and end up in the spam folder
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