Google: Here’s How To Get More Out Of Google+

In case you hadn’t noticed, Google is doing a lot to encourage people to use Google+. That includes TV ads (not something Google has done a lot historically) and new, deep integration into search results.

They also recently launched a site called “Get More Out Of Google+,” which discusses ways to use Google’s social network with other popular Google products like search, Gmail, YouTube, Maps and Blogger.
And of course there’s a big old button to “upgrade to Google+” for those who aren’t already signed up.
In the search section, it just basically highlights all of the new integration from the controversial “Search Plus Your World” feature set.
The Gmail section talks about finding email from people in your circles, sharing photos and seeing what else your friends are saying.
The YouTube part talks about seeing the videos your friends are sharing, watching videos together with Hangouts, finding new videos to share, and sharing videos with “the right people”.
The Maps part talks about sharing directions with “just the right people”.
Finally, the Blogger part talks about sharing blog posts on Google+ whenever they’re published.
There’s not much in the way of new information on the site (at least at this point), but it is a good place to see Google’s various integrations with other products.
Such integration will only continue to expand.
It kind of helps you look at Google+ more as a feature of Google than as a separate network.
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