“Humans.txt” file to According To SEO Promotion

Ownership proof is a necessary building block of a website and as Search Crawlers indexes the pages located separately in the root directory of the site, it is a superb choice to add a Humans.txt file in a website as your ownership proof and providing details about the authors of the concerned website or anything related to it.

What is Humans.txt File?

As the name mentions it is a txt file which is much easier to load as compared to any other coded page. It looks like a simple notepad format page which has several words mentioning about the site’s motive and its developers.

SEO importance of Humans.txt file:-

Search spiders intend on indexing separate pages more so uploading a humans.txt file helps them in indexing the various details inscribed on the page more effectively. And as when Google added to its root domain as Google.com/Humans.txt , it became popular among all major websites.

Where to add / upload Humans.txt file?

Like other pages index.html, robots.txt etc. humans.txt also goes directly into the root directory of the website and its syntax appears as trafficpulse.biz/humans.txt. It is to be placed after the robots.txt file in the root directory for better indexing.

Alternate option to add humans.txt file: –

One can also place the tags inside <head> section if uploading seems to be a trouble. The syntax to add this as a link under <head> tag is <link type=”text/plain” rel=”author” href=”http://abc.com/humans.txt” />.

How to upload Humans.txt file to a WordPress hosted website?

As soon as Google added the humans.txt file to its root domain every web hosting service has started this service. WordPress developers comes with a tool “Humans.txt generator Plugin” that helps WordPress users to add dynamic humans.txt file to their website.

Confliction with Meta.txt file:-

Some web developers discarded this method of adding as website details. The importance of humns.txt file seems low when compared to Meta.txt file but to consider a point that Meta.txt file is not being indexed by every search engine so adding a humans.txt file which is friendly to every search engine is a good alternative to Meta.txt file, though the Meta.txt file has its utmost importance in SEO.

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