Attendance Management System with Barcode and SMS

It manages Time & Attendance for any enterprise of any sector and at any level, through the highly flexible and versatile interface  which can provide a very efficient, interactive and easy to use solution.

The Attendance Management System is a web-based system that allows organizations to measure absence and staff turnover with real-time results. Organizations are able to enter the relevant absence data into the system and receive back a detailed analytical report.

The report includes, but is not limited to, information concerning the cause of absence and the cost of absence within individual departments and allows the organization to take a proactive approach to managing attendance.

Benefits of Attendance Management System

  • Assess the Cost of Absence
  • Measure Absence in Real Time
  • Manages the Impact of Absence
  • Flexible Reporting to suit a wide range of requirements
  • Promotes Pro-active management to reduce costly reactive interventions

Costing Includes Hosting + Domain  + Static website + 1 year Maintenance ( Excluding Barcode Reader Machine and SMS pack )

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