E-mail Services

Email Marketing Campaigns :

Day by day occurrence of sending and receiving emails has made email a rife medium for marketing and advertising companies.

Mass Email Marketing has become part of everyday life in this technology driven the general public ; and like any bunch media, it is increasingly being used as a marketing and advertising tool. Effective use of email marketing is an efficient, and gainful way to better connect with the customers, create public relationship, reach the correct demographic group.

Last but not the least be more environmental friendly since email marketing is paper-free.

Many companies choose to use email as a tool to connect with existing customers via voluntary mailing list; while no new customers are recruited in the process, it provides the customers with a more personal experience and builds customer loyalty. Others send out bulk emails that are aimed to generate new customers.

The outcome generated by email marketing are easily traced, and the kind of messages sent via email can be highly specialized to outfit the individual needs of the customer. The multimedia nature of the Internet also makes email a highly versatile means to deliver the message. All of these factors make Email Marketing a very effective way of online advertising and marketing, and it is reported as second only to marketing via search engine management.

Why You Should Choose Email-Marketing :

  • Superior deliverable rate owing to high configuration of mail servers used.
  • Open and Click-through Tracking
  • Campaign tracking
  • Bounce Back Handling
  • Professionally designed email Templates, completely customizable on-demand.
  • Relieves you from the annoying problems associated with web hosting.
  • Blended with progressive features like auto-responders, Scheduled Email queuing & more.
  • Contact list Management
  • Creating HTML / Text Based Email Messages
  • Scheduling Message Delivery
  • Subscription Management
  • Message scheduling
  • Industry Leading Deliver-ability

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