Can You Actually Buy Instagram Followers?

The use of image-based social sites such as Instagram has grown tremendously over the recent past. With some users seeking to become social media celebrities and others seeking to boost their Instagram marketing, it may be tempting to buy followers. Even though it exists, it is a part of social media that has remained quiet for a few years now. There are plenty of available services, which help you get more followers at some fees.

However, before considering buying these followers, you need to re-evaluate if it’s worth investing. Examine whether or not these followers will help grow your business. Or, if it is legal. Just by a search in Google, you will always get several service providers who sell Instagram followers. For instance, if you have $5, you can easily get about 500 new followers. The prices, however, do vary from one seller to the other. What’s more, when buying these followers, you can pay additional cash if you want followers to be from a specific location or gender.

Sometimes, the sellers do make you follow other accounts who will, in turn, follow you back. In such cases, you can always have real account followers. Nonetheless, the rate of engagement may still lack, contributing little to your business. However, if you are just looking for big followers, then these services can definitely help you.

One of the most significant challenges Instagrammers face is the buying of fake followers. With many service providers out there, it is usually challenging to know which ones are selling active followers and which ones are selling bots. Therefore, before you buy any Instagram followers, the following tips will help you stay away from scammers.

How to avoid fake Instagram follower sellers

1. Buy targeted followers

Authentic sellers of the Instagram followers will inquire about the details of your audience, your commonly used hashtags. They then use this data to create a list of targeted Instagram accounts based on interests and location. Hence, they will sell you engaged audience which you can build on.

2. Always avoid cheap sellears

In order to buy genuine followers, you need to go for high quality. Remember, the higher the quality, the higher the price. If the price seems too low, the chances are that you are about to be scammed.

3. Buy followers from transparent sellers

When seeking to buy followers, look for companies with reliable and trusted reputation. The company should be able to explain in brief the strategies they have at hand.

Final Thoughts

It is true that you can boost your Instagram followers by buying them. With so many scammers online, it is easy to fall into their trap. To avoid this, always buy targeted followers. Also, avoid cheap sellers and transact with the transparent ones. Get a legit seller who will sell you active and strategically targeted followers. This will increase your engagement rate and the potential of reaching a wider relevant audience.