SEO Frequently Asked Questions

What would you cover under implementation?
Generally speaking, our implementation method addresses the following :

  • On-page SEO Page
  • Title, filename etc
  • Alternative text, Title attributes,Meta tags etc
  • Process Ploting
  • Content Optimization (SEO Content Copywriting and anchor text optimization)

On Page SEO means :

  • Comment tag, Meta tags etc
  • Removing avoidable code
  • Making the site pages search engine friendly/understandable etc
  • Customized 404 error page
  • Robots.txt file updating (if needed)

Do I have to spend in link building Program?
For Unbeaten SEO, you would need support of back links from other web sites. The number is links required are suggested post keyword finalization. It is possible to optimize a website for any number of keywords, but that doesn’t mean it would rank for all those keywords. Rankings are dependent on competition, which in turn is dissimilar for dissimilar industries and dissimilar keywords. Some keywords have high competition and some have very little. The more competitive the keyword, the more link building off-page support you would need in order to rank.

How do you carry out the keyword research?
Our keyword research process is divided into the following phases:
Research Process :

  • Understanding your target audience through your answers to the feedback form and your website
  • Studying your competition
  • Make outing of key search terms
  • Make outing industry specific keywords using online tools like Google Sktool

Selection process:

  • Choosing keywords based on keyword relevancy scores
  • Make outing ranking competition for keywords
  • Approximating link building Required
  • Proposing keywords for final selection

Finally Based on the relevancy marked by you, the competition and the investment required, we calculate ROI for each keyword and make our suggestion.
You would have the final say as to which keywords your website should be optimized for.

if I don’t need to optimize my website for 40 keywords?
We optimize a website for up to 30-60 keywords maximum. This includes plurals, different keyword chains in a key phrase etc.

Every webpage can easily be optimized for 3 – 5 keywords depending on the subject similarity. Since we optimize a website for up to 20 pages, 60 keywords can easily be covered. However, we don’t advise our clients to over stuff a webpage with keywords.finally its your choice that how much keywords you want to optimize for your website.

Difference between Pay Per Click(PPC) and Organic Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?
Pay Per Click(PPC) positions are paid ads. Organic Search Engine Optimization strives to generate top non-paid search positions where the majority of searchers click. SEO gets rank from content and links.

Who are the three major pay per click services?

  • Google AdWords Service
  • Yahoo Search Marketing Service
  • Microsoft AdCenter Service

Some other pay per click engines?

  • Mamma
  • AdBrite
  • Ask
  • Kanoodle
  • MIVA

Are results quantifiable?
Yes, Off course All three of the major PPC engines offer conversion tracking along with a plethora of other reporting features. E-Power Marketing also recommends using 3rd party reporting software as well.

How do I calculate Best keywords?
Several paid services such as Wordtracker and NicheBot, Google Sktool allow for keyword research. There are free tools that will aid in keyword selection including the Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Finding the right keywords is probably the most important step of any PPC program.

Do I really need a Landing Page Program?
A well designed Landing Page will continue from where the ad left off and will lead to better ROI. Landing pages allow businesses to better explain their product or service, and sell their goods to those interested enough to click on their ads. When developed and optimized correctly, Landing Pages can turn Internet users into customers.

Google Content Network?
The Content Network usually offers a lower ROI than the Search Network.The Google Content Network is invented of thousands of Websites ranging from the New York Times to small Websites that exist only to display Google AdWords advertisements for collecting ad-sharing revenue from Google.

Yahoo Partner Network?
The Partner Network usually offers a lower ROI than the Search Network.The Yahoo Partner Network service is also made up of thousands of Websites ranging from CNN to small Websites that exist only to display and share revenue from Yahoo Search Marketing Ads.

Can you set budgets for my site?
At present on the Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Advertising adCenter there is no minimum budget.All three major PPC engines allow you to set budgets. You can set daily budgets, budget limits and budgets at the campaign or AdGroup level, or you can set an account wide budget.

Google Quality Score?
The Google Quality Score is the basis for measuring the relevance and quality of your Pay Per Click ads. It determines your minimum bid.
Quality Score = (click through rate) x (text ad relevance) x (keyword relevance) x (Landing Page)
If you optimize your ad response, you will boost your Quality Score and achieve a higher ad position at a lower cost than your competitor.

Is there a minimum amount facility I have to pay for PPC?
Google Minimum Bid = $0.01
Yahoo Search Marketing Minimum Bid = $0.10
Microsoft AdCenter = $0.05

Is Blog Marketing beneficial for our Business?
An Energetic Blog can create many opportunities for brands. Creating and maintaining a company Blog is important for branding as well as building search visibility. Once you’ve committed to a company Blog, it is important to optimize it. From the layout itself to individual blog posts, optimization for search engines is an important step.
When a well written Blog Post is informative, and not sales driven, submit the URL to relevant Social Media Websites as well.

Is my site really need W3C validation?
The W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium and provides guidelines based on best practice, regarding how websites and web pages should be structured and created for long–term durability. The W3C validation is just a standard for specified machine language, checking web documents, spelling, grammar, syntax, and proofreading.and many more things that’s why it is so helpful in search engine rankings.

Why use Video Sharing Websites for SMM?
YouTube is the most well-liked Video Sharing Website out there. YouTube and all Video Sharing Websites give users right of entry to media on demand. Countless videos are uploaded to YouTube, where people from all over the world have access to them. Video Sharing services give brands a way to share their video media with users like never before.

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