How Do You Attract Followers On Instagram?

Recently most Instagram users are just contented with sharing or uploading pictures which are the most natural part. But how do you boost your presence and attract targeted Instagram followers? In any social networking like Instagram, engagement is the key as users of all types including business owners who want to attract more followers will be able to do it through various strategies. Increasing participation takes time but getting the targeted followers needs patience. You recently started an online business, and now you are looking for clients while selling your products through Instagram. How do you attract followers on Instagram? You must be a great influencer and prove yourself as a successful brand. Here how to:

1. Tag photos

Tagging photos is an effective method to gain likes or comments on the Instagram photo-sharing app. Tagging people won’t hassle you, have a good internet connection and a smartphone. In fact, you can tag up to thirty people in a single photo. Other than people, you can as well tag your location.

When you tag individuals, you are exposing your picture to more people which increases chances of the photo getting comments or likes. Followers and friends of your tagged individuals will also have an opportunity to view both your picture and location when looking for other sites.

2. Join engagement groups on Instagram

If you are a beginner on Instagram or you marketing your brand, then joining Instagram engagement groups is one of the best tactics. Some newbies on Instagram have seen their followers increase very fast by just joining these groups. While it can be tempting to join the most famous or prominent Instagram engagement groups, the fact is that you will get more targeted Instagram followers by just sticking to your niche. From engagement groups like beauty, fashion, travel, celebrities and more, you can gain followers and likes from individuals who have shared interests. Remember to return the favor by following their fan pages or other people who join the group as well.

3. Use words like comment and like

Another strategy of attracting more comments and likes to your Instagram photos is by using the words comment or like’ in your caption. Keep in mind Instagram users can add captions to their photos as well. This strategy is most crucial because it informs your followers about what your pictures are all about. They will “sell” both your photo and your niche.

4. Add filters to make your Instagram photos more captivating

Filters are of different kinds; those brighten your images, add saturation or desaturation and that which lets you create stunning black and white photo. In the long run “normal filter” is the best filter as it enables you to post the real you with no special effects.

5. Use hashtags

Using manageable hashtags especially when you are Instagram newbies and you want people to see it will increase your visibility. As you attract more followers, your posts will rank higher for your hashtag keywords which gives you more clarity. If your hashtags are niche based, you will increase the chances of being found by the relevant audience which can help you grow your Instagram followers as well. Use professional #tags.

Now that you know how to attract Instagram followers make an effort of practising the above ideas whenever you log in to your Instagram account. Success!