Free SEO Analysis

“ Are you nervous about your website not being found in Search Engine Results? ”
“Is your website targeting the right keywords? ”
“ Is your website a Search Engine Friendly website? “
“ Don’t know proper SEO link building tactics? ”
“ Not capable to get incoming links to your website? ”
“ Don’t have right time to devote on your website’s optimization? ”
“ What other Strategies you can concern to increase the traffic at your site? ”

Free SEO Online Analysis Features :

  • Study the HTTP headers returned from the web server
  • Study the length and relevancy of the Title tag
  • Study the length and relevancy of the Description meta tag
  • Study the number of keywords and relevancy of the Keywords meta tag
  • Make sure the page Heading and Phrase elements
  • Make sure the keywords found in the image Alt attributes
  • Study the Robots meta tag directives and if search engines are allowed to spider the page
  • Make sure the page most relevant keywords and/or keyphrases
  • Make sure the keywords found in the Anchor tags (links)
  • Make sure how the page may be displayed within search engine results
  • Make sure the internal and external URLs (links) found on the page, and if are followed or not

Find out how Value Clicks can help :

  • Increase web traffic to your website
  • Improve your visitors’ experience
  • Increase the rate of conversion
  • Generate more Sales through your website
  • More Authentic then others
  • Peoples Favorites
  • Can Earn more Revenues

We also Explain :

  • Clarify the method behind winning over the top positions on the Natural and Paid segments of the Major Search Engines.
  • Explore your website and explain what needs to happen for you to rank for competitive keyword phrases on the Major Search Engines.

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